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Healthier Business with Healthicity

Medical Coding Compliance to Reduce Any Fraud, Error

The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) specifically puts a premium on healthcare compliance.

And when your healthcare business is HIPAA-compliant, you can easily reduce your legal risks and avoid future costly errors. Thus, you can equally build trust with your customer base, showing your customers you care about keeping them safe.

In effect, you get to build a trustworthy corporate reputation, demonstrating a strong commitment to honest and responsible corporate conduct.

“Anyone in the healthcare field is familiar with HIPAA. This law requires doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to protect their patients’ privacy at all times,” AME Group said.

Whereas before it “meant keeping a close watch on patient charts and not divulging sensitive information with others in earshot, (n)ow it means securing data systems to avoid a breach,” AME added.

Specifically, US federal regulators want businesses to fulfill its legal duty to ensure it does not submit false or inaccurate claims to government and private payers.

Healthier Programs

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has underscored the importance of healthcare compliance programs, especially on medical billing claims.

“An effective compliance program provides a mechanism that brings the public and private sectors together to reach mutual goals of reducing fraud and abuse, improving operational quality, improving the quality of health care and reducing the costs of health care,” the OIG said.

It added that attaining these goals would provide “positive results to business, government and individual citizens alike.”

Compliance Benefits

Moreover, the OIG cited the numerous additional benefits when a business implements a healthier compliance program.

These include better medical record documentation, as well as better collaboration, effective communication, and cooperation among healthcare providers and those processing and using health information.

Additionally, an effective compliance program can become a “centralized source for distributing information on health care statutes, regulations and other program directives related to fraud and abuse and related issues,” the OIG said.

“The implementation of an effective compliance program may not entirely eliminate fraud, abuse and waste from an organization. However ... the establishment of an effective compliance program significantly reduces the risk of unlawful or improper conduct,” it added.

Auditing Compliance

Healthicity’s compliance and auditing software has provided healthcare solutions to various business enterprises, bringing better quality assurance of healthcare services.

With its audit management and automated tools, Healthicity solutions have reduced chances of coding errors, billing mistakes, or false claims.

Healthicity, a sister company of the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), is an enterprise-centric brand for software services.


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