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How to Keep Your Employees Happy

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy

They say that the heart of every business is in fact its workforce. Employees are assets to an organization, as it is their hard work and dedication that drives a business to success. Which is why it is important to keep the employees properly motivated and henceforth ensure career growth. According to Forbes, there are seven ways to keep employees happy and working hard.

Make Them Feel Like They Own The Place

Employees must therefore be able to feel like they own the place, and not just work there. Prof. Leonard Glick, professor of management and organizational development at Boston’s Northeastern University, said employers should ensure their employees feel responsible for what the customer is buying, or how satisfied their clients are with the services they are providing.

One way to do this is to make the employees become familiar with what the other is doing. This therefore allows them to bring their own ideas for improvement and ensure that everyone has fresh eyes and inputs to the entire process.

“It all contributes to a feeling of ‘it’s mine,’ and most people, when it’s theirs, don’t want to fail, don’t want to build poor quality and don’t want to dissatisfy the customer,” said Glick.

Drive Them Out of Their Comfort Zones

So don’t be afraid to grant your employees new responsibilities. This will allow them to grow and spread their wings, thus making your employees more confident in their skills, and feel more valuable to the organization.

“To me, the bigger risk is having people get burnt out or bored,” explained Glick.

Members of the TDS-WeRK digital recruitment marketing team during the recognition rites for contact center course graduates at the QC City Hall complex on November 28.

Keep in Touch

It also pays to inform your employees what’s going on. Keeping your employees in the loop gives then a sense of “belongingness.” Hence, it lets everyone feel like they’re an important part of the organization.

Treat Them Like Adults

Also more importantly, don’t keep your people in the dark, as it can likely lead to fallout. Rumors are usually worse than reality. And in the absence of knowledge, people make things up. This is why it is important to be straightforward and practice transparency among your employees.

Be Consistent

There will be times when a leader has to make difficult decisions. Hence not leveling with your employees would lead to bigger problems in terms of consistency. Establishing manager-employee relationship is henceforth a good way to improve rapport within the organization.

Money Matters – Sometimes

Establishing compensation rates are important upon hiring, but once the deal is done, the motivation shifts. Now, the challenge is performing the work, fulfilling its purpose, and dealing with future growth opportunities.

Perks Matter – Sometimes

Although perks are beneficial, they are not prime sources of professional inspiration. Therefore, making your team feel they are valuable to the organization is vital. So always recognize their contribution.


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