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Language Skills Tests Help Deliver Responsive Digital Customer Service

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With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we live and work, people are now looking for better, more responsive, reliable digital delivery of customer service. And language skills tests help you hire the best people for that role. The Versant English language skills assessment tests are the perfect tool to help deliver responsive digital customer service and satisfaction for businesses.

The coronavirus has forced businesses to revise ways they usually serve their customers, shifting to digital channels. They’re introducing new measures and tools to alleviate pressure on their customer care teams and globally changing consumer-brand interactions. This will have long-lasting benefits for businesses and their customers for years to come.

Despite the general slowdown, businesses using e-commerce, especially retailers, are keeping busy these days, both with hiring and delivering their products and services.

With the need for more remote and digital tools, Versant will be a vital tool for organizational talent acquisition and recruitment strategy.

Aside from being automated or AI-powered, time- and cost-saving, and available in multiple languages, Versant is easily accessible on mobile that is easily downloadable on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Responsive Customer Service

According to Accenture, brands must now move at unprecedented speed as well as make swift and insightful decisions not only to serve their customers with quality and earn customer trust, but also support and care for their employees with compassion in this time of COVID-19. Companies must therefore re-evaluate:

1.    How they leverage contact centers,

2.    How contact center employees deliver quality customer experiences,

3.    Where contact center employees work, and

4.    How they can use digital channels to help increase contact center volume.

The current pandemic is serving an extra layer of emotional state for both businesses and consumers — a combination of fear, uncertainty and frustration presenting risks as well as opportunities.

Volume increases in customer inquiries aren’t just about the coronavirus, but varying levels of urgency in relation to payment extensions, travel cancellations, unemployment benefits, late fees and stock inquiries, as the lock down and quarantine continuously disrupts peoples’ daily life.

"During this time when customer service delivery is impacted with high inbound/outbound call volume and quality, as well as connectivity issues, Versant is the perfect tool to assess your talent that will deliver the best and most satisfying service for your clients and customers."

Many organizations have not had enough preparation to react to a significant and sudden increase in call volumes, with COVID-19 further exacerbating risks of having to suddenly shift to remote work-from-home models and protecting a workforce in a high-risk environment.

"Providing compassionate customer service will likely generate an out-sized increase in positive brand perception and customer loyalty post-crisis. Conversely, inaccessible, ineffective or uncaring responses are likely to drive an equally pronounced negative reaction." — Accenture, 2020.

Managing Workers and Customers

While satisfying their customers and keeping their customer service workforce safe, businesses need to handle the unprecedented impact on their contact centers, like:

1.   Reducing customer wait times and managing customer frustration;

2.   Deflecting/redistributing contact volumes to control average wait times;

3.   Managing workforce if physical work locations are no longer viable, while offering the same level of customer support and workforce productivity when agents work from home; and

4.   Maintaining the trust of both workers and customers.

Among the solutions will be on how companies can obtain the necessary tools and secure the networks for remote workers and future talent, and how they can quickly automate these tools and enhance their digital channels.

At this time, 57% of customers rank call support as their initial channel preference for flexible communication, since they want to have the opportunity to ask, explain, reason or negotiate with customer service. Meanwhile, 58% more customers prefer to solve urgent issues by calling for support rather than use other channels.


Customer Service to Brand Loyalty

While the COVID-19 pandemic will impact businesses like Starbucks in the short-term, it won’t likely be in the long-term. This is not just with their digital omni-channels but because of customer service and brand loyalty.

So when it comes to customer service, what can contact centers learn from the coffee giant?

Through personalized service, they deliver high levels of customer service, bordering on exceptional. Moreover, its professional atmosphere as well as overall ambience and appeal generate brand loyalty.

Contact Centres website also cite Starbucks’ baristas’ training and desire to directly engage with customers in small talk, while passing and sharing their core knowledge on everything coffee.

By becoming more personalized for their customers, delivering exceptional service and being professional to generate customer loyalty for their brands, businesses can become the best that they can be even in these challenging times. The secret is having not just the best workflow process but the best people with the right skills to deliver customer service and satisfaction.

Most importantly, it is by having the best tools for assessing language communication skills that includes speaking and listening, reading and writing for your efficient customer service talent.

Contact us today to know more about how the Versant English language skills tests can help your business.

TDS Global Solutions is a top human capital solutions provider and exclusive distributor of Versant. TDS has established key partnerships with organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, management consulting services, talent assessments, executive recruitment, and vendor selection & management for crucial departments of call center operations.

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