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Medical Coders of TDS - Batch 4 2016

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Career growth, career shift, and of course a greener pasture – these are among the reasons stated by the current batch of medical coding trainees when asked about why they chose to become a medical coder. A training class consisting mostly of nursing graduates and former practitioners, this batch is looking forward to being certified and a brighter future. Why choose medical coding? The answer was unanimous, after gaining a degree in nursing, they would as much as possible stay within their line of expertise and medical coding has presented a welcome avenue.

Each student of Medical Coding Batch 4 has a story to share. There were those who were endorsed by their current employers, giving them a chance to level-up on their career and there are those who came out of sheer curiosity.

A spacious well-lit classroom conducive to learning

Medical Coding – the Trending Career

Being enrolled here is actually a worthwhile investment, the possibilities are endless.

True enough to what one student shared, a medical coder's career, according to experts can guarantee employment stability for the next 40 years. Different opportunities can be expected as one trek this path, a medical coder can become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and become a trainer. One can easily acquire more certifications to fortify his/her medical coding profession and the possibilities of rising up the rank are endless. If it is flexibility in schedule that you are concerned about, the medical coding field offers office or home-based employment.

A Worthwhile Investment

As the saying goes, "strike while the iron is hot" – grab the opportunity while medical coding is still at its booming stage, who knows when this industry as with any other will start to wane. Being a certified coder can open up a broader horizon and a much greener pasture. The cost for medical coding training can be a little pricey but as attested earlier, the return of investment can be fulfilled in a matter of months. The best part about it is that you carry the title and certifications for life.

TDS not only has one but two CPCs which is a rarity in other medical coding training facilities.

A foreign company has already expressed solid intentions to put up a center whose primary account is focused on the medical coding field. Other big names have already set their eyes on the booming industry here in the Philippines.

The best part about medical coding is that it does not entail a degree in medicine or any medical related course. Regardless of your career orientation or current profession, making the move to medical coding is a truly promising endeavor.

The Nursing Surplus

It is important to note however that there was a trend in early 2000 wherein the nursing degree was so inviting and became an almost guarantee ticket abroad, enrollees of the course exponentially grew. It has paved the way for colleges and universities to add the nursing course to their lineup of courses. The result was a catastrophic surplus of nursing graduates. Pondering on the same premise, this can also hold true to the medical coding industry.

Thick books and loads of reading materials – feel free to open your notes during exams!

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TeleDevelopment Services is the industry leader in providing medical coding training. We maintain an intimate number of students per class. This is to keep our primary objective of achieving a 100% passing rate during certification.

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