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Online Recruitment Experience

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Powering Up to the Online Recruitment Experience

Technology has had a huge impact in the field of recruitment. Gone are the days that you will just post an ad in a newspaper and you will get a lot of respondents via e-mail or snail mail. If you post ads in a newspaper, you will get results but they may not be your targeted audience. Meanwhile, assessments done via paper and pencil take a long time to finish if your targeted number of hires is 100 agents in a day.

The new norm now in recruitment is leveraging technology to your optimum advantage. With just a click away, you will be able to get candidates to fill your vacancies, and by posting online, you will get people to apply to your job ads. May it be via LinkedIn,, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. Jobseekers will be able to view the job requirements quickly. And companies will have a better chance of getting the respondents they are looking for.

Online Assessments

It is the same way with adopting online-based assessments. One will be able to assess if the candidate fits the requirements for a particular job opening. Assessments commonly include some personality tests, and sometimes cognitive or verbal assessments. In many BPO/BPM companies, a single recruiter is able to interview a lot more candidates. The recruiter can easily administer the online assessments, and hire 10-20 people in a day!

Our team at TeleDevelopment is engaged with the best online recruitment partners in promoting the technology behind modern recruiting. It has recently partnered with LinkedIn, one of the biggest players in global online recruitment.

For assessments, our longtime industry partner Pearson offers their products Versant and to our different clients. Some of the popular assessments are the Versant English Test and the Versant 4 Skills Assessment. Meanwhile, our other partner CloudSwyft offers top-of-the-line assessments for information technology-related jobs.

E-recruitment and Social Media

I once read in a 2014 German university study about online recruitment. It was being compared to traditional and modern recruitment practices, along with the influences of social media. The main concern was whether social recruiting had completely erased the need for traditional practices, like newspaper job postings and career fairs.

Results from qualitative and quantitative researches revealed that traditional recruitment including job fairs remain highly viable and important in recruiting. Although newspaper ads are slowly losing their purpose in recruitment, traditional word of mouth as well as personal and professional referrals are still going strong. Online recruitment is the present and the future of recruitment. However, some aspects of traditional recruitment will remain into the future.

Many people I work with agree that social media has unquestionably shortened the recruitment process and the overall job application cycle. Various studies have also confirmed that the younger jobseekers are using applications on their mobile phones to apply for jobs, instead of going to a website with a desktop computer. Recruiters have also been able to communicate more efficiently with candidates, thus making the job-seeking experience an absolutely better one.


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