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Process Improvement: Kaizen vs 6 Sigma

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Process Improvement: Kaizen vs Six Sigma

There’s always room for improvement. As the saying goes, economies continue to grow, and companies are on their toes trying to catch up. With this, employees must be open to new learning, as well as experience career and self-growth. This is why trainings aren’t just important to any company, as it is vital.

In fact, there is a wide array of training categories. But two of the most popular philosophies (or strategies) most industries have adapted are Kaizen and Six Sigma.


Kaizen is a Japanese word which means “change for the better,” though the process is also referred to as “continuous improvement.” To note, organizational theorist Masaaki Imai first introduced this philosophy to Westerners in 1986. In particular, this process aims to identify the three Mu’s: Muda (wastes), Mura (variations and inconsistencies), and Muri (strains and burdens on people and machines).

Its main foundation rests on the personal ingenuity of people in the company, whether managers or staff. Kaizen uses small subtle changes that gradually shifts as time goes by, thus slowly but surely improves the business holistically.

Kaizen, therefore, is a philosophy made to improve an organization as a whole. So how does it differ from Six Sigma?


It is therefore a set of tools and strategies that minimizes mistakes and/or defects in a product or service using data at hand.

There are in fact two project methodologies: DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify).


The two methods work perfectly on their own, but to achieve optimal results, Kaizen and Six Sigma are best together. Six Sigma will aid the company to continue moving forward the Kaizen philosophy.

After all Kaizen is a philosophy with the focus on eliminating wastes or mistakes, but Six Sigma will provide the necessary tools to seek ways in reducing mistakes outside and inside the production process.

For Kaizen, Six Sigma and other types of training and philosophies, turn to TDS Global Solutions. TDS ensures only the best trainers and consultants to help businesses become more efficient and well informed in a fast-paced world.

In fact, TDS harnesses skills that produce leaders who know the best ways to work with employees, peers, and superiors. Thus, this builds a trusting, motivating, and productive environment where openness generates innovation.


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