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Scalable Leaders and Global Leadership

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GLOBAL LEADERSHIP. TDS Global Solutions (Teledevelopment) officials and employees with Colin Christie (center), Executive Director of Global Chamber Manila, following a live webinar on scalable leaders, and on how to grow and refine global leadership, held at the TeleDevelopment office in Ortigas, Pasig City on July 12.

Scalable Leaders: Growing, Refining Global Leadership

Under an increased or expanded workload or scope, a scalable system can cope and perform well, like grace under pressure. Likewise, a scalable business can handle increased market demands, maintain or improve profit margins as sales volume increases.

Therefore, a scalable leader can maintain, even increase the level of business performance or efficiency even with bigger operational demands.

Hence, scalability is a company’s ability to grow with increased production – without being hampered by its structure or available resources.


Dwaine Canova, CEO of Zynity LLC and Framework for Leading Institute, highlights some stark differences between leadership and management. Plenty may think they are the same but, in fact, they are different.

Individuals in leadership and management roles have intertwined functions both in leading and managing. Canova says it’s almost impossible to do one without including the other.

However, he defines leading as “a focus on the future to ensure the organization is doing the right things.” In contrast, he defines managing as “a focus on the present to ensure individuals are doing things right.”

In scaling leadership, and harmonizing managing and leading, the end game would be to create an environment wherein talented individuals in the organization can collaborate, contribute, and flourish together. Scaling, therefore, means increasing your capabilities and capacities as you and your roles change.


Canova says the ways of leading and managing has four distinct dimensions, to enumerate:

  1. Purpose – Includes both the why and what you expect to accomplish.
  2. Clarity – Assessed by how well those around you understand all you think, say, and do.
  3. Framework – The structure within which you define, clarify, refine, and build your system.
  4. Environment – The features within your sphere that describe what it’s like to live in your system.

In helping scale your leadership, the questions to ask would be: What are the big issues in your organization? How will the information today help you? In addition, what are things you’ve been wanting to do and haven’t done yet? And how does this fit with your organization?


Jon Kaplan, President of TDS, cited online tools such as Zynity in helping global leaders scale up their business. Among others, he noted how Zynity has improved communications, documentation, and scalability within a global company like TeleDevelopment.

With measurable indicators and the right tools, scalable leadership results in better business performance. Henceforth, there is improved numbers and sales, time spent much effectively, more productive environment with lesser stress and better harmony.

As a manager, are you doing things right at present? As a leader, are you doing the right things for the future?


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