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Talent Acquisition for HIMS Teams

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Talent Acquisition Strategies for Healthcare Tech Teams

Recently, TDS Global Solutions CEO Judy Whisenhunt was one of the panelists during the breakout sessions for the 2019 Healthcare Information Management Services Conference (HIMSCON), held at The Peninsula Manila in Makati City on November 11.

In particular, the panel talked about creating sustainable, high-performing teams in the healthcare information management systems (HIMS) sector. More particularly, the panelists discussed talent acquisition strategies that work for HIMS teams.

Overall, HIMSCON tackles current trends in the healthcare system, to include emerging markets as well as business innovations and solutions. Moreover, the annual conference deals with how these trends disrupt the healthcare industry as a whole.

Every year, the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) holds this gathering of HIMS players and stakeholders. They include clinical and documentation service providers, healthcare IT providers, training institutions and vendors, and the business community, among others.


This year, HIMSCON 2019 focused on fourth-generation healthcare-as-a-service solutions, aligning with the so-called Industry 4.0.

To create sustainable, high-performing healthcare talent pools, leaders need to engender trust and goodwill with their own workforce. After all, building trust with employees helps create highly scalable, sustainable and high-performing teams.

In fact, healthcare players have pushed for a global vision of person-centric principles for a global health informatics architecture. Together with the World Economic Forum, global healthcare players want to increase value in healthcare and deliver value-based care.

Being people-centric is applicable not just for patients and healthcare outsourcing customers but also for workforce teams.


With widespread workforce automation in the horizon, there is henceforth a need to reskill or “upskill” the HIMS sector.

And with the threat of technology displacing jobs and digital innovations replacing humans, reskilling is indeed important. The industry needs to prepare as technology continues to eliminate low-skill jobs, even while it creates high-skill ones.

To help address workforce disruption, there is therefore a need to engage with talent acquisition tools and employer branding activities. Moreover, there is a need to improve talent retention, enhance employee engagement, and strengthen talent assessment and candidate experience programs.

Additionally, there is also a need to use use data-driven talent management and targeting software solutions. Aside from building a robust talent pipeline and using recruitment marketing campaigns, HIMS workforce teams can learn from training courses.

Talent acquisition HIMS Himscon2019b
Judy Whisenhunt, CEO of TDS Global Solutions, was one of the panelists during the breakout sessions for HIMSCON 2019 at The Peninsula Manila on November 11.

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