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Taytay Rizal - A Next Wave City

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Taytay Rizal is approximately twelve kilometers away from the heart of one of the busiest business districts in the country - Ortigas Center. It has flourished from the traditional HAMAKA (HAmba -  MAkina - KAsuotan) industries to a promising investment location in Rizal and the Philippines.

In 2012, the Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communications Technology Office ( DOST-ICTO) and the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) named the municipality of Taytay Rizal as one of the Next Wave Cities in the Philippines.

Taytay, Rizal is the second closest municipality to Metro Manila and is dubbed as the Garments Capital of the Philippines with 75% of its population thriving in this Industry. “We are a city driven by garments” – shared by Mayor Joric Gacula. The Mayor also pointed out that because of the influx of china imports, the garments industry of the town saw a remarkable decline. This challenge has prompted them to alleviate all the other resources the municipality has to offer.

Taytay Rizal, the Next IT-BPM Hotspot

According to the Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index, the municipality is lined up in the first class category and ranks second in overall ranking among all local government units. It ranks first in the Presence of Investment Promotions Unit category and is also leading the pack in Business Permits and Licensing System. The municipality is running on all cylinders to intensify its visibility in the global market.

A prominent brand in the IT-BPM Industry has already started its operations on the first day of September 2016. The center will seat hundreds of employees and is envisioned to grow over the next few years. The proximity of the town is also another attractive factor to its viability in the IT-BPM market as it attracts talents from the different nearby towns of Rizal and even Pasig City.


Since 2008, Taytay Rizal has been fiber optic ready that can accommodate the heavy bulk of internet loads. Based on the same index, the town ranks first in Availability of Utilities. Mayor Joric Gacula shared that almost 99% is supplied by the Philippine’s electricity provider, Meralco and almost 98% of the town is already supplied with fresh water by Manila Waters.


Most Rizaleños will be delighted to hear that the town will be linked to the Ortigas Business Center and is already in the planning stage. The Mayor disclosed that the project to build a rail system will transpire in the next three to five years. This development is in partnership with the private sector and is foreseen to have its main station near SM Taytay. It will pass by the busiest intersection in Rizal - Cainta Junction.


Mayor Joric Gacula also mentioned that the municipal government is keen on keeping up with global standards in relation to English proficiency. A competent manpower pool is needed to support the industries. Efforts are undertaken to train and develop teachers, and as such educational institutions within Taytay are being regularly evaluated.

Public school teachers are required to attend special classes and seminars to see through the enhancement of their craft. English proficient is considered as one of the focal points of the academic institutions in the municipality.

taytay rizal
Taytay is fast becoming the most auspicious municipality in the province of Rizal

The Municipality is aiming to heavily promote commercial tourism among its other endeavors. The town has already applied for cityhood but was set aside due to other serious concerns. In the next couple of years, we can expect that the once relaxed atmosphere will turn into a bustling commercial and industry center.

You may check out the Municipality's Facebook page here.

Office of the Mayor  Tel # 2844770

Public Information Office Tel # 2866149

Email address:

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