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The IT-BPM Industry's Reaction to Trump

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Anxiety and distraught escalate among the non-white population as they fear for their safety and jobs. As evident with the ruckus on the World Wide Web, tweets and messages convey fear especially among the Muslim communities. The Canadian immigration website crashed and so did the stock market – all related to unrest and uncertainty. Experts say it is but normal how entities and people react because it is inherent for human beings to fear the unknown – in this sense, the element of fear is introduced with a new kind of leadership that is virtually unpredictable.

“It is pretty scary” – remarked one expat. Although some people see the parallelism between Trump and Duterte as to how they express themselves through their speech with all the candidness and superfluous remarks, building a wall down south can be figurative. To most of the people who were surprised about the election result, they agree that Trump won the election as the American people see him as an alternative – a solution to the harsh realities and problems facing a very frustrated nation.

The result of the election is more of an expression of hope for the Americans looking forward to drastic change – in their economy and status. The underlying question now is, how will his policies affect the flourishing IT-BPM industry in the Philippines? The upcoming administration is not yet clear with its specific plans but as per Trump’s campaign, he stressed bringing back the jobs onshore.

Jon Kaplan, President, and CEO of TeleDevelopment Services shared – “the first year of the Trump presidency will have little to no change. The President will have his hands full with bigger issues like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Obama Care, and building the Mexican border wall.” It is to be noted that Trump sees to renegotiate or invoke Article 2205 to withdraw from NAFTA. On the same note, Trump promised to repeal and replace the Obamacare Act within his first 100 days in office. Mr. Kaplan added – “in the next year or two, we can expect a change in the tax system which would consequentially lead to a dichotomy of implications.” All the initial efforts will be focused on “rebuilding” the United States unless he imposes higher taxes for overseas investments.

“Let’s make America great again” – a slogan that has led him to be seated at the highest position of the American government. The new leader of the most powerful nation on the planet is expected to keep true to his promises. Nevertheless, it is imperative to take into account that he is not a politician but a businessman. His understanding of the economy and how the gears move into motion is regarded as outstanding considering the wealth he has amassed over the years. Talking about his other ventures going on a downward hill is but another chapter to talk about.

What we have to watch out for is the speed of growth but it is too early to tell. Trump being a businessman perfectly understands the twists and turns of the trade. The offshoring business is projected to continue its success as this will be an avenue that will be placed lower on Mr. Trump’s radar screen. The Americans are optimistic that they will be led by someone who is committed to change, implement an efficient and effective governance, and suppress the threats of terrorism.

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As Jonathan De Luzuriaga would state it, the IT-BPM has actually flourished on its own. Regardless of the change in political leadership, the industry is headed nowhere but up. TeleDevelopment Services is always ready to offer its expertise and experience in incubating start-up players. Consult with us and let's discuss success.


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