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The New Work Order: Blueprint of Tomorrow

WeRK, TDS in 55th PMAP Conference in Clark Ecozone

The future of work in the new world order – or the New Work Order – is upon us.

In fact, it will involve further disruptions at the cusp of technology and artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Accelerating connectivity, new talent frameworks, and cognitive tools will particularly be among those driving the future of work.

Specifically, the rise of the gig economy, AI and robotics will be among the trends of the future of work. Hence, businesses will have to learn how translate them in their respective organizations.

Thus the focus and sub-theme on the New Work Order in the ongoing three-day conference in Clark.

WeRK and New Work Order and TeleDevelopment Services will be part of the annual People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) conference.

The ASEAN Convention Center in Clark Special Economic Zone hosts the 55th PMAP Annual Conference on October 10-12.

On the sub-theme of a Blueprint of Tomorrowland, organizers are looking at how organizations can thrive in the future. Participants will discuss how they will foster organizational culture, as well as be able to adapt and learn quickly.

So how should businesses strategize and design their organizations to prepare for the future? How should they design jobs in the New Work Order?

Learn more with ongoing updates during the 55th PMAP Conference today until Friday.


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