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There is a More Convenient Way to Apply to Several Jobs in One Sitting!

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BPO Career Hub introduced the first of its kind in online job hunting in the Philippines! The Virtual Interview Fair is set to launch starting July 15, 2016! With six different companies from different industries looking for talents like you!

Job Hunting Made Easy

Imagine the pouring rain - the traffic and hassle that goes along with it. Or let’s say the sun is smiling brightly on earth and the scorching heat makes you feel uneasy and somehow disoriented, then you enter the building and its subzero air-conditioning system. Next thing you know, you are nursing a fever the following day.

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Applying for a job typically will take the entire day or worse, it can make you skip lunch and dinner altogether. BPO Career Hub gives you an opportunity to cut down the recruitment process by a significant amount of time.

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You Don’t Have to Go All in!

First time job seekers often have this jitter in their body as soon as they submit their resumes, and to some this nerve wrecking experience happens as soon as they step on the company premises. Virtual Interview allows you to do the initial screening assessment anytime anywhere! You also need not worry about the shoes and pants to wear, simply sit in your cozy wherever, have your desktop or laptop ready and you are good to go!

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TeleDevelopment is a renowned provider of quality talents to top brands

You may want to consider being in a nice quite place as you do not want any unnecessary noise to bother your interview session. Also make sure that your internet is good so as not to interrupt your job hunting online.

How Does it Work?

The BPO Career Hub Virtual Interview Job Fair is in partnership with six different companies, each looking for a specific skillset to fill in their vacancies. This skill set that they are looking for can be easily assessed through the Virtual Interview.

Pre-determined questions are there at the Virtual Interview page, there is an unlimited number of times wherein you can have the question repeated, when you are finally ready, simply click the start button and answer your heart away! The system will then record you as you answer the questions.

Once you have completed your Virtual Interview, the result will be then sent to the different participating companies who in turn will profile you according to their job requirement.

Easy, right?

When employers consider you qualified, they will then contact you to invite you over and undergo the rest of their recruitment process.

Preparation is Key

As with any other interview, you need to give it your best. Your communication skills need to be in check. To give you tips on how to make it well in your interview, you may check the following links below:

Top 10 Mispronounced Words in an Interview
Ace That Interview Now!
Good luck!


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