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Trends Report: 6 HR Megatrends

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McLean&Co 2020 HR Trends Report Reveals 6 Megatrends

Reskilling in Digital Disruption Age,
Tech in Talent Acquisition Included

The 2020 Human Resources Trends Report from McLean and Company has revealed six megatrends for HR professionals, sharing meaningful insights on how HR leaders and practitioners can provide value for employees and organizations over the next decade.

To note, they include (1) increasing support for HR professionals, (2) evolution of HR design, and (3) talent management in agile organizations. Other megatrends include (4) reskilling in the age of digital disruption, (5) technology and talent acquisition, and (6) moving from diversity to inclusion.

According to Jennifer Rozon, president of McLean & Co., 42% of HR departments have no overarching talent or HR strategy. In fact, only 10% of organizations have fully implemented new agile ways of working, according to Rozon.

Meanwhile, 30% have not conducted digital transformation, hence these organizations have lower levels of innovation, productivity, and overall performance.

Unless organizations take specific action “to invest in HR and grow the strategic importance of the HR department and HR professionals, the gap is only going to widen further,” Rozon said.

“Despite all the talk about transformation and the future of work, organizations are not proficient in the new competencies that will be required to be successful in the future,” Rozon added.


While supporting employees, HR professionals too often neglect their own development and challenges, the HR Trends 2020 report said.

As HR stress levels increase, companies need more varied and holistic HR development to keep pace with the times. As a result, organizations helping their own HR professionals develop their skills and manage stress have more effective HR departments.

Moreover, organizational outcomes improve whenever HR is involved in organizational strategic planning and decisions about the workforce. As such, HR must continue increasing its involvement in these areas, the 2020 trends report said.

However, many organizations have underutilized strategic planning within HR, whether at the department or function level. Hence, this has contributed to HR’s slower traction in more broadly expanding its strategic organizational impact.


With the rise of agile organizations, and organizations slowly making the transition, talent management has become more critical than ever.

In fact, global businesses associate success with agile structures in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment.

Hence, frequent performance conversations are critical to the success of agile organizations. Businesses should leverage them, along with team-based performance management and leadership development strategies.


HR can also improve organizational outcomes by enabling a culture of continuous learning and advocating for tools and leadership support. After all, organizations risk falling behind if HR doesn’t take action to support digital transformation.

Meanwhile, technology in the Talent Acquisition space is booming. So investing in tech such as automation can help HR concentrate on other initiatives such as improving candidate experience.

Organizations must also widen their lens regarding diversity, and move beyond surface awareness to practices and initiatives involving inclusion. Tailoring benefits to specific groups is henceforth one way in providing an inclusive workplace environment.

Failing to create an inclusive environment, or change organizational practices to improve diversity and inclusion, therefore leads to unintended consequences. Among these consequences will be higher employee turnover as well as lower employee engagement.


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