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Banking Executive Recruiters You Can Bank On

Our extensive expertise in executive search pays major dividends for our clients in the banking industry. We’ve helped some of the biggest names in banking fill managerial and C-suite roles, from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Lending Officer and beyond.

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Banking Recruiting Services

We’re a talent acquisition and executive recruiting firm with specific expertise in the financial sector.

Extensive Executive Search

Our industry-leading, end-to-end executive search process takes you from recruitment to onboarding. Get access to top talent from an extensive network of banking professionals other search services can’t match, including candidates with chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO), and vice president-level experience.

Transparent Candidate Dashboard

Our candidate dashboard offers real-time access to the right talent for your open positions. Use it to engage with your search team and participate in the recruitment process by reviewing salary requirements, accessing resumes, and offering timely feedback on candidates in real time.

Full-Service Onboarding Management

Augment your existing human resources capabilities with our team of onboarding experts. After you extend an offer, we’ll help navigate salary and healthcare benefits negotiations and then provide a critical support lifeline as your new hire transitions into your organization.

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We Know the Banking Industry

All financial institutions require top talent to thrive. Whether you’re hiring leadership for a local credit union, a chain of community banks, or a private equity firm, your organization deserves experienced candidates who can deliver value from Day One. With over three decades of experience, TDS Global Solutions has become a trusted partner in recruiting for the financial industry, including specialized expertise in the middle market and private banking, commercial banking, and investment banking sectors.

Our Executive Search Process

Needs Analysis and Profile
Our banking recruiters will learn about your institution’s culture, goals, pending mergers and acquisitions, and more to identify candidates who fit your specific recruitment needs.
Methodical Executive Search Strategy
Our extensive network within the finance and banking industry and our industry-leading search services will identify and deliver proven executive talent for your consideration.
Comprehensive Candidate Vetting
We extensively vet and qualify top-tier candidates through interviews, background checks, reference checks, and more to ensure you’re interviewing talent you can trust.
Precise Candidate Endorsements
After finding the top talent for your open role, we’ll assess cultural fit to identify and endorse the best candidates for your final recruitment stages.
Offer and Onboarding Management
We handle initial human resources tasks such as offer delivery, negotiation, and onboarding assistance to ensure a smooth transition from candidate to employee.

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