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Amid AI, New Jobs for 2023-2028

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With AI, Automation: New Job Titles, Descriptions to Emerge for 2023-2028

Ten years from now, your new job will have fancy titles – brought about by artificial intelligence, automation, and information technology.

You can be a digital tailor, virtual store sherpa, ethical sourcing manager, or personal data broker. Moreover, you can be a bring-your-own-IT facilitator, man-machine teaming manager, or AI business development manager.

Heck, you can be a genomic portfolio director, data detective, cyber-city analyst, or AI-assisted healthcare technician. Or a genetic diversity officer, augmented reality journey builder, quantum machine learning analyst, and master of edge computing expert.

Between the years 2018 and 2023, these will be the jobs of the future based on time frame and “techcentricity.” This is according to the November 2017 report “21 Jobs of the Future: A Guide to Getting – and Staying – Employed Over the Next 10 Years,” from the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work.

21 New Jobs: Humans Still Needed

The Cognizant report said the nature of work will change due to automation and AI, but will not go away.

In fact, it said 21 new jobs will emerge over the next 10 years. The report said this is based on present major macroeconomic, political, demographic, societal, cultural, commercial, and technological trends today.

These new jobs will then become cornerstones of the future of work, it added. Cognizant said its vision is based on trends and facts, interpretation of how change occurs, and how humans evolve.

After all, the nature of work has always changed, it said. In the past, there used to be a demand for lamplighters in the streets, and limners to illuminate manuscripts. There were telegraphists, nursemaids, town criers, and knocker-uppers in work mills.

Now there are fewer switchboard operators, elevator operators, travel agents, bank tellers, or even secretaries. Soon, people will be nostalgic of mortgage processors, just as some are nostalgic of miners and steelworkers.

Instead of doing “awful,” “hateful,” “dull, dirty, dangerous” jobs, people will be doing more “fulfilling, more enjoyable, lucrative work,” the report said. Consequently, AI and automation will liberate them from the bondage of work boredom.

Robots and machines will not be stealing human jobs. After all, the imaginative, ingenuous, and curious humans create the machines, market and sell them, deliver, clean and fix them.

Prominent Soon in Short Order

The 21 new jobs will create mass employment, the Cognizant report said. These jobs will benefit many workers in offices, stores, and factory floors that technology will displace or disrupt.

The report presented the new jobs in the form of a job description from human resource departments.

Cognizant said there will always be work for tattoo removal artists or e-gaming sportsmen. However, it considers these job titles as somewhat niche forms of employment.

Additionally, it did not consider cybersecurity developers and cloud computing programmers. The report considered these current jobs as already well understood and well developed, booming in the short-term future.

However, the report did not cover jobs it considered as “further out on the horizon.” These include “carbon farmers, 3-D printing engineers, avatar designers, cryptocurrency arbitrageurs, drone jockeys, human organ developers, teachers of English as a foreign language for robots, robot spa owners, algae farmers, autonomous fleet valets, Snapchat addiction therapists, urban vertical farmers, and Hyperloop construction managers.”

The report stressed: “These are jobs that younger generations may do in the further off future.”


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