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Coding Compliance: Benefits of Elegant Software Solutions

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Healthicity Elevates Tech for Healthcare Enterprises

In medical coding compliance, the coding of diagnoses and procedures means they have complied with all coding rules and guidelines. In particular, its five essential components cover detection, correction, prevention, verification, and comparison.

After all, coding errors associated with a fraudulent claim can be subject to penalties. They may include a base fine plus at least three times the amount of the claim.

Whether it is an honest billing mistake or a false claim, ignorance of the law definitely excuses no one. In medical coding and billing, ignorance of healthcare laws is not a defense against a false claim.

Most importantly, compliance watchdogs do not require if one has a willful intent or none to defraud for them to consider a claim as false. However, the lack of adequate safeguards can turn any coding error into a false claim.

Consequently, the best policy is to assume that there are no honest mistakes when it comes to coding compliance.

Enterprise-Centric: Compliance Software

With its compliance and auditing software, Healthicity has elevated the level of providing healthcare technology solutions to various business enterprises.

Healthicity provides audit management and automated tools for better auditing and quality assurance of healthcare services. Hence, its solutions greatly reduce the chances of coding errors, billing mistakes or false claims.

Since late 2015, Healthicity has provided a simple but elegant, intuitive user interface design. Hence, it has transformed the way healthcare clients work and interact with computer software.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) announced that Healthicity is a sister company and enterprise-centric brand for software services. For more than 30 years, AAPC has served medical coders, billers, auditors, compliance managers and administrators.

While AAPC has been into training and certification, among others, Healthicity is focused on auditing, compliance, and analytic solutions for enterprises.

Benefits of Coding Compliance

There are many benefits in the implementation of a comprehensive coding compliance system, aside from meeting compliance requirements.

Moreover, it reduces any chance of double or triple damages and penalties. Also, it reduces billing delays and avoids bill resubmissions.

Further, coding compliance reduces the tendency to code defensively, and corrects both over- and under- coding. Finally, it improves the performance on severity adjustment healthcare provider report cards.

Therefore, it does not need to be a financial burden on hospitals and healthcare providers. Its positive benefits far outweigh the cost of its proper implementation.

With its compliance and auditing software, Healthicity has elevated the level of providing healthcare technology solutions to various business enterprises


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