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Facebook As A Social Recruiting Tool

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Consider this: there are at least 48 Million Facebook users in the Philippines updating, liking, sharing, and commenting in their respective accounts at least 3hrs. per day. Approximately 68% of the users or 33 Million Pinoys are within the employable age range of 20-49 years old. If these profile numbers do not make a recruiter salivate, then I say it is time to change your company’s recruitment strategies.

Facebook Recruitment

Factor in the fact that there are 12 Million or so users who are in the 13-19 years old range. These talents are still holding pencils but you can already deliberately and sustainably put out ads. Position these ads to talk about your brand. Highlight the reason why it will be awesome to be working for you in the future.

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facebook recruitment
Social media is one of the efficient and effective ways to source for talents

‘The younger generation is growing up on Facebook, so this would be their go-to guide for whatever they are searching for. Recruiters would be playing it smart by fishing for the younger generation job-seekers on the platform or social network that they feel most comfortable with." (

Almost like Google, the social platform is now being used to retrieve and process data. The Filipinos’ affinity to the social platform has bordered on addictiveness. This notion can assure you of very good engagement results if you are able to share eye-catching content.

“Facebook is really a sharing platform (Forbes)” - put out relevant information to your target audience and you can expect it to go viral within hours.

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Lastly, and related to the point raised earlier, much of the social platform activity is concentrated on posting and reacting to ‘selfies’ or ‘welfies’ and there are not too many companies that have considered using the platform for attracting talents. Scour through the talent base while your competitors are still busy doing their recruitment activities elsewhere.

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