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Outlining Recruitment Process Improvements

Table of Contents, an industry-centric online job portal conducted a survey among 13000 entry-level job seekers from the BPO Sector. More than half of the respondents claimed that the hiring processes are too long and that hiring decisions are even worse. Applications that are not immediately processed or acknowledged give a certain sense of frustration among candidates to look for other opportunities somewhere else.

This is a major setback for some if not most of the major players in the IT-BPM industry. Inefficient recruitment practices leads to the loss in acquiring talents. Creative innovations are being implemented by certain institutions to address this prevalent issue. Modern technology has paved the way to providing more resourceful and efficient means to acquire and retain talents.

Technological Creativity in Recruitment

We lined up the foremost concerns from an applicant perspective based on the survey.

Modern technological advances as earlier mentioned play a major role in providing applicants with an easy way to register. More than 66% of the respondents originate from the Generations Y and Z – a group whose living is immersed in technological advancements. This generation clamors for expedient job application channels. Company websites and social media channels are where these kind of applicants dwell.

The patience of applicants are getting thin – more than 70% of them are. They require correspondence or reply immediately or else they turn somewhere else. Whether by means of SMS, email, or call, HR personnel must have the capacity to contact them within a 24 or 48-hour window. This develops a sense of trust and confidence among candidates to pursue their application.

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A typical job application process may take 9 to 12 hours. It still depends on the availability of the person who will conduct the final interview. Sixty percent of the respondents showed their dislike over this tedious process albeit a third of this number still has high regard over the examination part of the process.

Waiting for the result is another part of the “waiting game” in applying for a job. This eats up a lot of time from an applicant's perspective. 32.2 % expressed aversion over waiting for one to two, and even three hours just to wait for the result of one application procedure.

The TDS Solution

The IT-BPM Industry can still improve the talent acquisition and hiring process to encourage the flourishing workforce. The Philippine Government is executing and implementing measures to improve the quality of the talent pool. This will mean more competition and a more reliable and creative recruitment strategy.

This is where TeleDevelopment Services can help. Our years of expertise in this market since its inception makes us one of the top answers to recruitment issues. Talk to us and let's discuss success.


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