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Fast4ward 2019: Next Wave Contact Centers, CX + AI

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Fast4ward  Vol.2  No.3  |  4th Quarter 2018  |  Next Wave 2019 Issue

WHAT will the Next Wave convergence of contact centers, customer experience, and artificial intelligence look like?

In a Forrester prediction for 2019, AI still has a long way to go. In fact, more than 65% of AI decision makers struggle with finding and acquiring AI talent, and 83% struggle with retention. Pure AI is still at least a century away from sending all of humanity on a permanent vacation. By 2022, however, AI will already impact 20% of the global workplace. But automation will unevenly distribute these advancements between industries or roles. Although it could displace 75 million jobs, it will create 133 million new ones as well.

AI skills are among the fastest-growing on LinkedIn, with members adding expertise in areas like neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning increasing 190% between 2015 and 2017. Moreover, AI will add about 1.2% of additional GDP growth per year to 2030. Specifically, this is much higher than the steam engine’s boost to human productivity of 0.3% per year between 1850 and 1910. And it is twice the impact that information technology had in the 2000s.

For now, we see novelty developments like chatbot singing and hosting, generating reports, publishing poems, and even designing fabrics. Ocado, a British online-grocery company, meanwhile is using air-traffic-control systems and AI technology to coordinate 700 factory robots. Hence, its use of technology has made it a challenger to Amazon’s grocery-delivery business. So what would be AI’s Next Wave impact to contact centers and customer service?

NEXT WAVE: New Tech, Channels, Metrics for Contact Centers in 2019

Making meaningful connections in 2019, contact centers will use new technologies, engage in new channels, and assess performance against new metrics. What will your business do for the new calendar year?

New Market/Site Selection, Medical Coding and Lean/Six Sigma Training, and Versant Assessments

GLOBALIZED SERVICES. In the last quarter of the year, the Philippines placed on top of the 50 Digital Nations and 100 Super Cities list of the Tholons Index 2018 Report.

At the forefront of a $25B market within the next 7 years, medical coding has come a long way. In fact, the number of professional coders will rise significantly, boosting the market of firms providing platforms for medical coding professionals.

By end of 2018, TeleDevelopment will be able to facilitate 100+ graduates on medical coding and billing training and certification. Just last April, the DICT-HIMAP-TDS partnership led to early job offers for the Top 14 batch of 28 trainees.

Moreover, the Top 14 trainee-beneficiaries of our partnership with government make them US-certified medical coders and billers.

DMAIC: 5-Step Method: TeleDevelopment offers Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt training courses and workshops for interested individual and corporate participants.

Versant 4Skills English Language Assessment[/caption]

For years, our set of Versant language assessment tools has served our vaunted business partners from all over the world. This suite of automated assessment tests has specifically facilitated millions of our clients’ job candidates, both nearshore and offshore. In fact, TDS is the largest partner of Pearson, a multibillion-dollar global education company that owns Versant.

TeleDevelopment and Q4 Milestones

TeleDevelopment President Jon Kaplan moderated the healthcare panel for IIS 2018 at Shangri-La Fort, BGC on November 12-13. Specifically, the Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) hosted discussions on opportunities and evolving demands for healthcare.

Focusing on technology and digital disruption, IIS participants discussed industry trends, share insights and best practices.


International Innovation Summit (IIS) 2018: The TDS Contingent together with LinkedIn


November 5. Over 2,000 students joined the first ever IT-BPM career fair at SM Aura, where TDS and participated in the booth exhibit.

Capping off a great year of partnership between TDS and LinkedIn for 2018!

TDS/WeRK at the 55th PMAP Conference in October (left). TDS early #Christmas vibe. #Xmas2018

TeleDevelopment has established key partnerships with other companies and organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, consulting services, training and development programs, executive search and recruitment, and managed services for crucial departments of BPM operations. For more info, please email TeleDevelopment at or dial (02)631-8230/(+632)631-8230 loc. 120/126/129, or US number (1-888) 788-4441.


About TDS Global Solutions (formerly TeleDevelopment Services Inc.)

TDS has established key partnerships with organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, management consulting services, talent assessments, executive recruitment, and vendor selection & management  for crucial departments of call center operations. For more info, please email TDS at or dial US number(1-888) 788-4441.

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