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Mobile Recruitment: Luring Talents in the Techie Age

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With mobile recruitment, it may now be easier to reach ob candidates – but at the same time has made the task of recruiting a lot trickier.

Mobile Recruits: How to Magnet Top Talents in Tech-Savvy Market

The rapid rise of cellphone and smartphone use, primarily among the younger tech-savvy crowd, has further paved the way for more avenues in mobile recruitment.

Engagement among recruiters and recruits has meteorically risen, especially with various social media platforms available within reach and at the click of the finger – or swipe of the thumb. For companies, more so for their business brands, visibility is on the rise with more mobile-enhanced exposure and digital-powered awareness.

But while personal desktop and laptop computers still function for our local preferred job portal or website, there is no denying that mobile recruitment platforms form part of the new trend to watch now and in the nearer future.

Mobile Recruitment Trends

In a recent webinar presentation hosted by, Assessment Innovation COO Mark DeRugeriis outlined the various mobile recruitment trends.  Specifically, how mobile has changed recruiting and what mobile recruitment can do for the company looking for the right talent. He also detailed the best practices in mobile recruiting, and how to create a mobile recruiting strategy. And what to consider when implementing a mobile solution.

(As for Assessment Innovation, the software solutions company provides businesses with the most flexible and accurate tools for recruiting, evaluating, and managing talent to increase company productivity and efficiency. Assessment Innovation says it uses the latest research in cognitive behavioral psychology and management sciences. This is to help organizations lower employee turnover, increase productivity, and recruit more well-suited talent. With cognitive science, decision-making, group dynamics, and motivation, its assessment technology identifies the right recruit.)

The webinar presentation from DeRugeriis highlights approaches that leverage technology and artificial intelligence, data analytics and social media. Also, there’s video interview and test assessments in conducting mobile recruitment strategies.

The mobile space has indeed changed the paradigm for recruiting. With more avenues in cyberspace, it may now be easier to reach these job candidates. At the same time, it has made the task of recruitment a lot trickier. But there’s no doubt that the light is clearer at the end of the tunnel. This has been a road less taken in the years pre-mobile.

Candidates can now be remotely assessed and screened, with their data (and metadata) collected and analyzed much more efficiently. And with time and money better spent, company cost savings can then be leveraged with more emphasis on sourcing, branding, and marketing.

Mobile Behavior: How to Engage Jobseekers

According to DeRugeriis, 62% of prospective job candidates visit a company’s career page on their cellphone or smartphone. In researching for the best jobs in the market through their mobile devices, 36% do so while commuting. About 51% research while on coffee breaks, and 80% at home after work.

Moreover, the webinar tackled the expanded use of artificial intelligence (AI) in mobile recruiting. After all, AI further personalizes user experience and automates workflow in the recruitment process. It also cited the increase usage of remote video interview for job candidates.

Innovative use of technologies have also been deployed, with full automation of the recruitment process, and customized workflows based on AI and automated dynamic responses. There’s also self-scheduling interviews and gamified assessments, making the process less boring and more engaging to applicants.

Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruitment is very beneficial to the company. DeRugeriis revealed that this novel approach can altogether conduct remote campus recruitment and just-in-time hiring, as well as pre-, during and post-candidate engagement.

Mobile recruitment can help screen pre-qualified candidates and do company referrals. At the same time, it can conduct real-time analytics with the prospective candidates. Also, it can engage in online reputation management, when the candidates realize how engaged the company is to their application process.

In a survey on the benefits of mobile recruitment, 58% believe it promotes better branding for the recruiting firm as an innovative company. About 63% say it engages more tech-savvy talent. Around 69% believe in the mobile recruitment as having the ability to reach a wider talent pool. Further, 70% say it is more convenient to apply via mobile. Moreover, 83% believe the entire process yields a faster job candidate response time compared to non-mobile approaches.

Mobile-Centric: Engaging, Easy, Fun

In the engagement of the candidates’ experience, mobile recruitment has been found to be easier to use. It is more fun and interesting than the longer resumé-filling process, with more relevant content and faster feedback and communication exchanges.

In this day and age, social recruiting is a requirement – and mobile recruitment is a must. Companies shall and must have a mobile-centric strategy. Social media users are not just more active, as these prospects use social apps more and a lot less on web. More importantly, social referrals have been found to be exchanged twice than any other source, as majority use social media to network – with friends, family, and future colleagues and companies.


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