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New Report: A Global Snapshot of English Proficiency

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In today’s global economy, English has been the primary language not just in business, but in international diplomacy, science and technology. This is especially helpful for non-native English speakers involved in conference calls, sending emails and chat messages, and communicating via social media and omni-channel platforms.

With the increasing rate of remote work, automated language skills assessment tests like Versant can help businesses continue their talent recruitment strategy amid travel disruption and health safety risks.

Versant has facilitated global companies in their recruitment and selection processes, especially contact centers, IT andbusiness outsourcing industries.

In fact, Versant delivers global reach and appeal as it covers over 100 countries, while Pearson, together with TDS Global Solutions, have successfully conducted 1.6 million tests delivered in 2020,Versant tests are widely used by a wide range of employers and other institutions.  

About the report 

Pearson analyzed score data from Versant test-takers which provide detailed insight into the state of English around the world and how they are changing. The report, titled A Global Snapshot of English Proficiency, uncovers fascinating trends and facts about the state of English proficiency among Versant test-takers from various countries. It looks at 9 key regions where companies use Versant tests to assess English proficiency:  

  • Africa: Egypt,   Kenya, South Africa 
  • Asia Pacific: China,   Japan 
  • Central America: Costa  Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica 
  • Europe: France,  Germany, Italy 
  • The Middle East and  Central Asia: Jordan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates 
  • North America: Canada, Mexico, United States 
  • South America:  Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela 
  • South Asia: India 
  • Southeast Asia:  Philippines 

Most of the Versant users in the report are corporations, call centers, universities, and language training centers. Above all, they are looking to evaluate the English proficiency of students, job candidates, or employees.

Some snapshot of the report:  Philippines, India, and Japan 

To dig a little deeper into the statistics, Pearson included case studies of three countries in the report: India, the Philippines, and Japan. These stories highlight the most interesting facts about the English language learning trends we spotted in these countries. 

Overview of Philippines Versant English Test Scores

Philippines: The     Philippines is continuing to stay competitive in the IT outsourcing  industry. Moreover, the five key industries using Versant include     healthcare, BPO, finance, hospitality, and IT/telecom. 

India: As of     2019, India employed more than half of the world’s IT outsourcing     employees. Since 2015, there’s been a 20x increase in Versant test takers     from India.  

Japan: English     teaching remains strong within the formal education system, but language     skills are still low. 90% of Versant test takers are existing employees in     Japanese companies. This means that companies are putting great effort     into upskilling their employees.

All things considered, despite their own unique challenges, all three countries have made progress in both English learning and assessment. Remember, the data shows the level of English among Versant test-takers and is not representative of the level of English in each country or region as a whole.  

To see the details of the global findings and trends of the report, including the mean scores of each region and their comparisons, download the Global Snapshot of English Proficiency Report now.

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TDS Global Solutions is a top human capital solutions provider and exclusive distributor of Versant. TDS has established key partnerships with organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, management consulting services, talent assessments, executive recruitment, and vendor selection & management for crucial departments of call center operations. For more info, contact TDS Global Solutionsat or (+1-888) 788-4441.


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