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Power Skills vs Soft, Hard Skills

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Power Skills take over Soft—and— Hard Skills, Too

Tom Gerencer, certified professional resumé writer and career expert, reveals that employers are indeed looking for two kinds of skills: Hard versus soft skills. To note, hard skills are technical skills that show how a candidate can be a great fit for a specific job.

Meanwhile, soft skills are personality-based skills that have become in demand in the market today. Dartmouth University president Philip Hanlon gave it a more appropriate name: “power skills.” These skills determine how an employee will act and interact with colleagues, and eventually thrive within the work environment.

According to recent studies, careers that require high social skills get better salary than those heavily dependent on technical ones. Thus occupations requiring great interpersonal skills are growing in the labor market at 12 percent. To compare, STEM-related work (science, technology, engineering and math) is down by 3.3 percent.

But why exactly is power skills becoming in demand in the market today?


Artificial intelligence and newer forms of technology have significantly transformed the nature of work. In fact, studies show that millions of jobs are now at risk of automation.

Through chatbots, companies are now utilizing automated customer service functions, with machines replacing routine human tasks.

Despite the threat of automation, the world still values people for their ability to do what machines could not. Although machines lessen the chances of human error to virtually none, only humans can have the power skills of critical thinking and creativity, thus gaining competitive advantage over machines.


Only real people have the ability to sympathize, react, interpret social cues, and play off each other’s strengths. The ability to possess these kinds of soft skills is what gives human an edge over machines.


As they are huge contributors to an organization’s success today, power skills can stand shoulder to shoulder with technical skills in all aspects of a company’s training and development program.

Companies like TDS are undisputed talent strategy leaders, as it delivers the right talent with technical and power skills. In fact, TDS has decades of experience with dynamic and accomplished talent acquisition teams catering to increasing talent demand.

Its level of expertise has provided the right match between candidate and organization, thus ensuring client productivity and customer experience.


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