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Social Media Chatbots Help Businesses Grow

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Social Media Chatbots Help Businesses Grow

Weeks ago, we talked about how blended AI, chatbots and human agents can improve your customer experience in 2019. Chatbots help human agents become more effective by predicting intent, suggesting responses, replying automatically, and easing tasks.

Customer service organizations are increasingly turning to contact-center automation to better serve their clients. Primarily, these involve chatbots or virtual agents harnessing artificial intelligence, together with human agents working to resolve issues seamlessly.

After all, contact centers making meaningful connections in 2019 will use new technologies, engage in new channels, and assess performance against new metrics. Contact centers will enhance their digital channels, agent tools, coaching strategies and customer intelligence initiatives.

So what’s the best available chatbot for your business to gain seamless human interaction? Social media tools provide a common example.

Messenger Bots

SocialMediaToday cites any Facebook chatbot on Messenger as a great tool to improve customer service experience. In particular, Messenger would be great for businesses to communicate with customers directly. Chatbots, therefore, offer a way to automate the customer service process.

Currently, there are about 1.3 billion Messenger users and 300,000 active chatbots. Over 6 out of 10 millennials and GenXers have apparently interacted with chatbots. The automated responses from these bots help your customer service team spend more time on more complex issues.

With automation, your bots can answer queries on opening time, return policy, order status and delivery cost. Moreover, bots can answer inquiries on your warranty, material origin, product rating and review, and available size and colors.

When the customers are about to purchase your product or service, a Facebook chatbot can also help. These include payment confirmation and options, technical assistance, and cart adjustment, among others.

As your customers might be unable to read emails in time, your business can use chatbots to send alerts.

Particularly, these include a flight change notification, event cancellation, time-sensitive offer, or emergency incident.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Looking to increase productivity? The time savings and efficiency due to chatbots conversing and answering recurring questions would be attractive for business.

Meanwhile, virtual assistants typically perform simple jobs for end users. These include adding tasks to a calendar, or providing information that would normally be searched in a web browser. Moreover, they include controlling and checking the status of smart home devices, including lights, cameras, and thermostats.

Virtual assistants can make and receive phone calls, create text messages, get directions, or hear news and weather reports. Also, they can find hotels or restaurants, check flight reservations, hear music, or play games.

For 2019, experts see virtual assistants increasing their knowledge and intelligence, and adding more value as augmented intelligence tools. Further, they see absolute chatbot dominance across most customer interactions for consumer-oriented companies.

“Companies using AI-enabled chatbots to handle and filter customer inquiries are finding that their … employees are being freed from routine first-tier support requests, enabling them to handle escalated customer issues that require more time or personal interaction,” TechTarget says.

Through its ChatPath support solutions, TDS can help businesses with their chatbot needs for better customer experience. ChatPath’s tools engage customers and capture lead details, among others. Connect with TDS and learn more.


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