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Versant Mobile: Language Assessments at your Fingertips

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Corporations are being challenged to go digital in every aspect of their business. That’s why Pearson, the world’s learning company, together with TDS Global Solutions, a top human capital solutions provider introduced the new Versant Mobile App which helps recruiters, human resources and university professionals assess the language skills of the candidates and students right at their fingertips.  

Versant is the world’s premier suite of assessment tests for language skills used by companies from different industries.  Aside from its web-based test, Versant Mobile is the newest test delivery method, available both on App Store and Google Play. Moreover, Versant mobile app provides the same accurate scores as other delivery methods and test scores are also conveniently available within the app.

With these features, HR professionals can easily administer tests, manage test takers, look up scores and more. Versant Mobile offers more flexibility, more convenience, and on-the-go test management.

Recruitment Benefits of Versant Language Assessment:

Lower recruiting and hiring costs. It can streamline the recruiting and screening processes by interviewing only those candidates with sufficient language skills.

Maximize ROI with flexible testing. Tests can be delivered anytime, anywhere, without the need for traveling to a test site or the cost of an expert examiner.

Score objectively without bias. Evaluate all employees or students on an equal basis with automated machine scoring.


With the major shift of a virtual recruiting process, the flexibility of Versant Mobile is designed for any recruitment or placement situation. See also the new fully digital solution Versant+ Remote Monitoring (with image, video, browser and monitoring and complete recording)


To request for a free demo test, contact TDS Global Solutions at or(+1-888) 788-4441.



TDS Global Solutions is a top human capital solutions provider and exclusive distributor of Versant. TDS has established key partnerships with organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, management consulting services,talent assessments, executive recruitment, and vendor selection & management for crucial departments of call center operations.



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