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The Effect of Versant on your Recruiting Process

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Excellent Sales and Customer Service results begin with clear communication skills.  Your agent’s English language and overall communication skills are critical factors to determine prior to hiring and onboarding a front-line call center agent.   Without a positive experience, customers will go elsewhere, not buy or rate their experience as poor.

effects of versant on the recruitment process

Versant enables Call Center & BPO Organizations to reduce recruiting time and costs while improving screening accuracy and training placement.  It enables your organization to quickly and accurately identify only those agents who possess the proper spoken English language, writing and communication skills your company and clients desire.  This, in turn, leads to a reduced number of “mistake hires” and reduces customer and client complaints, improving CSAT, FCR, and Net Promoter Scores.

WHITEPAPER:  Versant – Evidence for a remarkably reliable test

All Versant tests can be taken by phone, web, via our mobile app or on a computer.  The test takes 15-18 minutes to complete and the results are immediate.  You immediately will know whether that candidate meets your requirements for English language and communication skills and you are also provided additional information on where an applicant falls short and specific recommendations on what they need to work on to improve their communication skills.  This opens up your pool of available applicants and provides you identifiable candidates for near hire or far hire training classes.

Versant as a Critical Platform to Your Hiring Requirements

Versant is automated and scalable which will allow you to screen more applicants in less time.  It enables you to screen tens of thousands of candidates at once quickly and accurately.  And, Versant can be used out in the field, at job fairs, and at marketing events by simply downloading the tests and having the applicants take the test when you meet them or when they go home or by using our mobile application.  Our mobile application enables your applicants to take the Versant test from anywhere on their mobile phone or tablet.

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Versant reduces recruiting costs.  By not having to spend time interviewing candidates that weren’t qualified in the first place due to their lack of English skills, human resource personnel can now spend time interviewing only qualified candidates.  In addition, Versant provides your HR Team with details on which advertising and marketing events are producing the highest number of qualified candidates, enabling you to re-allocate your budget to better-producing channels.  

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Leading global corporations and third party outsourcing companies utilize this platform to reduce recruiting time and costs while improving their screening accuracy and training placement.  Current Versant clients include, American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Capitol One, Citibank, Convergys, Dell Computer, The fDish Network,, IBM, Tracfone Wireless, the U.S. Government, and Western Union to name just a few.


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