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World-class Workforce: Beyond Aptitude, Skills

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World-class Workforce: Going Beyond Aptitude and Skills

The success of any company depends largely on its people. To ensure utmost quality, employers look for specific characteristics in an employee. Surprisingly, most of these qualities have little to do with being proficient in a specific skill or program.

Employee values are a good indicator of a company’s success. These are indicative of whether or not your organization has a world-class team that can propel your business to the top. These include a strong work ethic, dependability, adaptability, a positive attitude, honesty and integrity, professionalism, self-confidence, loyalty, and motivation.

Similarly, recruiters look for the same things when profiling candidates for their clients. An article in listed essential, world-class attributes in an ideal workforce. These are talent, passion, attitude, aptitude, and fortitude. They show that your organization’s human resources (HR) department needs to focus on intangible qualities as these can have a huge impact on your organization’s growth.

Positive, Optimistic

A positive attitude is one example. This is considered one of the main foundations of a world-class workforce. Why? An employee with a positive attitude is someone who’s easy to teach, willing to learn and grow, and can deliver a stellar performance every single time. More importantly, optimistic employees help boost morale and make the workplace a happy place.

For TeleDevelopment Services, a provider of business process outsourcing solutions in the Philippines, attitude is a top priority when it comes to selecting candidates for their pool of clients. The company looks for candidates who show a high level of commitment. TeleDevelopment believes this is a vital trait of a potential employee who will go the extra mile. Or more for the company the candidate works for.

People with a positive attitude are more likely to solve problems and inspire good performance. While aptitude is equally important, it’s easier to train people than transforming your employees’ negative mindset. With the right attitude, anyone can improve one’s skills. Hiring people with the wrong attitude can negatively impact your business. In fact, one study showed that 46 percent of new hires fail during the first 18 months. Moreover, 89 percent of them fail because they possess the wrong attitude at work. Not world-class at all.

However, this doesn’t mean your organization should look over a candidate’s skills (or lack thereof). There are ways to properly profile and screen potential employees. These include having recruiters who know what they are doing and, of course, having the right assessment tools.

Assessing Skills

Today, having impressive communication skills is important. It is a vital trait that can determine an applicant’s success. And it goes beyond the usual phone or vis-a-vis interview. While a recruiter can pretty much gauge an applicant’s proficiency in a certain language during the initial interview stages, there are factors, like nervousness, that may affect an applicant’s performance. That’s why it’s important to have a dependable tool that can thoroughly assess a candidate’s proficiency level.

TeleDevelopment stands out in the industry because of Versant, a comprehensive English communication skills assessment tool that the company offers in partnership with Pearson. This tool is leveraged by numerous corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies because of its uncanny ability to provide an efficient approach to evaluating language and literacy skills.

Recruiters use this to check for voice, conversational English, and even written and typing speed assessment. Used via telephone or computer, the recruiter gives each applicant a unique code during the tests. The results appear minutes after the exam. Hence, the recruiters can immediately identify which candidates are fit for the position being filled.

Versant is crucial to the screening process of an organization, especially those in the business outsourcing industry. It’s a very useful tool that allows them to handpick the best candidates for their clients. In fact, they enjoy a success rate of 85 percent when it comes to the candidates they endorse to clients.

IT Assessment, Payroll Management

Aiding the recruitment process is TeleDevelopment’s IT assessment solutions, powered by CloudSwyft. “This makes hiring, assessing, and retraining [a company’s] IT employees easier,” says TeleDevelopment marketing manager Kelvin Villafuerte. All TeleDevelopment’s IT assessment labs are cloud-based. So companies need not make additional hardware investments. It also makes using this IT assessment easily accessible. This assessment helps companies hire the right person for an IT job, as well as check on the current skills of an IT team.

Additionally, TeleDevelopment uses P2U, a payroll processing tool. According to Villafuerte, “P2U uses disruptive technologies to help employees [perform] specific functions."

Applying mobile technology to help companies connect with their employees, P2U helps personnel, finance, or HR departments in processing payroll using a robust software. Employees can request vacation and sick leaves. The HR department then approves these leaves via mobile, as well as payslip requests. This automated function allows HR or personnel to work on other projects.

“Our tools are are a worthy investment as they [have varied uses]; for recruitment, for performance improvement, or skills levelling,” says Villafuerte.

World-class Employee

TeleDevelopment’s recruiting and retraining processes are “so efficient that clients usually don’t ask for the scores when TeleDevelopment endorses candidates because they know that these applicants have been properly screened and tested for their skills,” says Richa Sabharwal Chaudhary, AVP for recruitment.

“We really need to look for people who are self-motivated and with the right attitude. This is the key to have a world class employee in any organization. Skills can be learned but the majority, the attitude is the key to success,” Chaudhary added.

Learn more about Versant and Cloudswyft.


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