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Mobile Recruiting and Disruptive Tech

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Mobile Recruiting, Disruptive HR Solutions via Tech, Social Media

Mobile recruiting and other digital solutions are disrupting human resources and recruitment services through information technology and social media.

Hence, this was the core of the presentation by TeleDevelopment and in the two-day IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) HR Summit on 23-24 August 2017.

The presentation focused on personalizing mobile user experience and automating work flows in the recruitment process. Consequently, this will augment the HR Summit goal of highlighting gamification and playability for the sector.

Disruption thru Tech

Billy Cruz, sales manager of, presented disruptive HR technology solutions in the first day of the HR summit. These solutions include how mobile recruitment apps benefit the recruitment department and the company as a whole.

Eric Yee of LinkedIn also discussed about talent acquisition in a tech-driven world. LinkedIn is the social networking site for business professionals that recently engaged TeleDevelopment as a talent solutions partner.

“This year’s HR Summit talks about humanizing disruption, and disruption here is about the use of technology. And how it affects the different facets of our business,” Cruz said during one of the concurrent breakout sessions. “In our case, the HR and the recruitment aspect of it.”

For example, these disruptions can be in the form of digital technology, the cloud and the Internet of Things, he said. Further, he said there’s social recruitment, mobile technology, artificial intelligence and gamifications. “The HR or recruitment person also needs to be relevant amid this disruption,” Cruz added.

Disruption Humanized

The recent HR Summit centered on the theme of humanizing disruption in the workplace. Due to this, workers should be fully equipped in adapting to technological changes in the workplace, according to the HR summit. Consequently, the workforce must navigate these changes. Hence, they must be resilient amid these disruptions.

“Find the best strategic business partner in dealing with disruptions such as digitization and diversity of human capital,” it added.

Human resources “need to move from being people managers to managers of organizational change and business evolution,” it said. (HR must) spearhead innovations and relevant discussions on talent acquisition, engagement, training and development, and compensation and benefits,” it added.


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