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Vendor Management: To Dedicate or Not To

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VENDOR MANAGEMENT: To Dedicate or NOT to Dedicate . . . That is the Question

WHEN does dedicated on-site Vendor Management (VM) make sense? Certainly the size and complexity of your outsourced operation are a couple of good predictive indicators.

You can easily answer the question about dedicated on-site vendor management versus remote by asking yourself the following:

  • Based on the complexity of my application how many program changes need to be communicated and implemented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?
  • Are there compliance issues that would be best managed with onsite representation?
  • Based on ongoing ramp requirements does it make sense for you to have a dedicated onsite “corporate” trainer that could be hired locally?
  • Can I gain better results (quality, productivity, CSAT or NPS) by having a dedicated vendor manager (s) on site to participate in driving and monitoring performance?
  • Is there significant cost savings by employing a local VM resource as opposed to “parachuting” corporate representatives in from time to time?



The above questions are just a starting point to help gauge the value of dedicated versus remote vendor management. The real question is how do you drive the greatest value and results with your outsourced partners? Can having dedicated eyes and ears in overseeing the relationships onsite add value?

TDS, with offices in the U.S.A. and the Philippines, has been supporting onsite VM applications for well over a decade. Most companies that go offshore or nearshore do not have a registered business entity in their selected partner’s county.

Therefore for some it can be challenging to provide salary and benefits to locally hired staff. This is where TDS provides value. It is in your company’s best interest NOT to have local VM’s on your partner’s payroll.

No need for potential conflict of interest, it is best to stay neutral. This is even more important if you are in a multi-vendor relationship in a given market.

TDS can source qualified VMs or Trainers and provide salary and benefit administration. TDS assists in facilitating the requirement, but the staff reports to you and works at your vendor’s location(s).


Good Vendor / Partner Onsite Management can really be a differentiator. When your outsourced partner feels your presence there is real and intrinsic value! One of the many reason companies go off or near shore is labor arbitrage.

Much of this cost savings can easily be absorbed if you are constantly sending people out to manage these outsourced relationships. The costs of expensive airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, ground transportation and more can easily be offset by hiring good, strong local talent that can provide full time, dedicated onsite coverage. Hence, it may be better to have a VM dedicated day in and day out to manage the relationship.


TDS Global Solutions (formerly TeleDevelopment Services, Inc.) can support you in managing and protecting your business. We support many companies with VM and dedicated trainer support. To explore more to see if local dedicated resources make sense for your organization, let’s talk!


About TDS Global Solutions (formerly TeleDevelopment Services Inc.)

TDS has established key partnerships with organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, management consulting services,talent assessments, executive recruitment, and vendors election &management  for crucial departments of call center operations. For more info, please email TDS at or dial US number(1-888) 788-4441.

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